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As ambassadors of Hoi An, we are a family of two, my mother (Mrs. Thu) – a fun loving warm hearted 83 year old Vietnamese woman, an excellent cook and me. My name is Nhi. I was born and grown up in Hoi An- “heaven on earth” and having been working in hospitality for 22 years. My brother and his family live in the house next door, where our grandparents and father are worshiped.

We love our town and are proud of Vietnamese culture, tradition and especially the cuisine which has been passed down from generation to generation. Let us share with you our passion for all of this during the time you stay as a guest in our home.

Would you like to immerse yourself in a new and delicious culture? Would you like to know more about local people’s daily life, have a comfortable stay and enjoy the best food of Hoi An and Viet Nam? If you do, Charming Homestay is your best choice in Hoi An. Read our reviews.

About my family

I was born into a family with parents who were known and highly respected by many people in Hoi An for their long time fighting in the war, their devotion to their country, their kindness and also because Hoi An itself is a small town.

My parents were born to farming families and they both joined in the wars when they were in their 20s. My late father was born in 1925 and he had spent his life in two wars, with the French and then with the American and Southern Vietnamese army. He lost his first wife together with two children at that time through a bomb attack. My father was one of the leaders of the Quang Nam Province communist party in the war, based in the jungle.

My mother was one of the leaders of thousands of Vietnamese women who carried rice and weapons for the Vietnamese army and they walked from the South to the North for their mission. She met my father in the jungle when they were both soldiers and they got married there in 1973, 2 years before Reunification Day. The land where we now live was given to my family by the government after 1975. Both my parents worked for the city and then retired, working as farmers, raising us to go to universities.

About me (Nhi)

Born and raised in the picturesque town of Hoi An, I originally pursued a career in teaching English to high school students. However, fate had other plans. When I couldn’t secure a teaching position here, my path led me to the vibrant world of tourism—a profession I have come to cherish deeply.

Over 11 years, I’ve been fortunate to gain invaluable experience working at the front office, as well as the sales and marketing departments of two esteemed 4 and 5-star beach resorts. Additionally, I dedicated four years to a fine dining restaurant in Hoi An. These experiences provided the foundation upon which I built the Charming Homestay, a cozy haven for visitors from all corners of the globe.

A cherished guest once told me, “Nhi, the world is coming to you!” It’s a sentiment I hold close to my heart, and I believe it to be true. Travel is a passion of mine, and each year, I explore new destinations both within Vietnam and abroad. From Laos to Nepal, and from South Korea to Sri Lanka, my journeys have gifted me with joy, knowledge, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of cultures.

The success of Charming Homestay is not mine alone. Credit must be given to Mrs. Ha, our delightful receptionist and my co-partner in the cooking classes, and Mrs. Oanh, our dedicated housekeeper with whom I had the pleasure of working at the resort.

For those with a culinary inclination, you might recall “Nhi’s Pancake House” which once

graced our homestay. My love for food often takes me to various eateries in Hoi An, allowing me to curate the best dining recommendations for our guests. In 2018, we launched cooking classes for our in-house guests, expanding this in 2019 to welcome outside guests. The heart of our recipes? They are lovingly crafted by my mother.

The introduction of the Charming Homestay and the Home Cooking Class has brought immense joy to her life, and guests invariably adore her spirited conversations about her life and views.

The challenges posed by two years of the Covid pandemic were significant. During this time, I found solace and purpose by inaugurating English classes for children. From starting with a humble class of three—including my dear 7-year-old niece—today, I mentor around 24 eager learners. Our homestay guests often delight in meeting these young students, and these interactions serve as treasured moments for the children to practice their English.

It fills my heart with joy to foster such beautiful connections between our guests and the children. We eagerly await the opportunity to share stories, laughter, and memories with you, whether you stay with us or join our cherished cooking classes.

I look forward to hosting you, cooking with you, or facilitating your Vietnamese adventure!