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At lunch time after work I went home and met a couple having known that they just came back from
outside while waiting for the room to be made. He is English and she is Korean-American living in Hong
kong. The girl looked secretive and the man looked more open with excellent English  He has a sweet
voice too and she seems still secretive behind her sun glasses. We upgraded room to Charming Deluxe
room as a gift for their honeymoon vacation. And our stories begin from that…They booked for staying 3
nights and ended up with 12 nights (01Aug-13Aug) then they decided to find the way back to Hoi An for
another 6 night stay ( 28Aug to 03Sep) after their vacation to Hue- Quang Binh- Ninh Binh- Hanoi-
Halong-Bay. We cannot say thank you enough to Joel Manley and his wife- warm heart and smart
Angelina Shin Manley for the fabulous time we had together and for their love for our family and Hoi An.
And we know they will come back to Charming Homestay in a soonest day.