How to make Vietnamese coffee?

Brighten your day with a cup of Vietnamese white coffee every morning and be inspired. We are very proud to know that all guests who visit our country even Italian love our Vietnamese coffee. Some are wondering how to make it or particularly how to brew it properly so we hope this video clip would help. You can use fresh milk if that is your taste. However Vietnamese white coffee ( or Cà phê sữa) is mostly matched with condensed milk. I like to serve it with ice ( Cà phê sữa đá). How about you?

Mid- Autumn Festival in Hoi An ( 15th of August in Lunar month )

In Vietnam, Mid Autumn Festival can be considered as the second biggest festival after Tet holidays ( Vietnamese Lunar New Year) and it is specialized for children. In Vietnamese, we call it Tet Trung Thu. It happens 7 to 10 days prior to the 15th of August in Lunar month.

I still remember how joyful we felt when we were kids in this festival- it dated back to the days  in the beginning of year 1990s when we just had electricity 2-3 days a week.  We burned the candles in the paper lanterns made by ourselves a few days before the festival and allowed by our parents to follow the teenagers including my brothers and his friends who played unicorn dance, drum. We walked from streets to streets and in the dark, our lanterns and the eyes of the unicorn were bright like our eye lights. At that time Moon Cakes were something a luxury for us but our parents and also our friend’s parents could still try to buy it for us as we kids all loved it in Tet Trung Thu.

Today, it is good that most children in Viet Nam can have Moon Cakes easily ( Bánh Trung Thu) and enjoy the festival in a new comfortable way with many kinds of unicorn, lion dances and can be driven by their parents on motorbike to see the unicorn dancing, buy many kinds of lanterns.

Perhaps the most picturesque place in Vietnam now to experience Mid Autumn Festival is in Hoi An. The Hoi An old quarter comes alive during Mid-Autumn Festival with folk games on the streets and floating lanterns on the river running through the town, making for a magical atmosphere. Adding to the festivities are groups of lion dancers who engage in mock dance battles in a contest of skills, involving the coordinated efforts of up to a dozen people performing a mixture of rhythmic dance and acrobatics.

It is great to welcome Mid Autumn Festival in Hoi An which falls from 24th to 28th September 2015 and a good chance for tourists to experience the special children festival in our small beautiful town

Special Joel and Angie

At lunch time after work I went home and met a couple having known that they just came back from outside while waiting for the room to be made. He is English and she is Korean-American living in Hong kong. The girl looked secretive and the man looked more open with excellent English ☺ He has a sweet voice too and she seems still secretive behind her sun glasses. We upgraded room to Charming Deluxe room as a gift for their honeymoon vacation. And our stories begin from that…They booked for staying 3 nights and ended up with 12 nights (01Aug-13Aug) then they decided to find the way back to Hoi An for another 6 night stay ( 28Aug to 03Sep) after their vacation to Hue- Quang Binh- Ninh Binh- Hanoi- Halong-Bay. We cannot say thank you enough to Joel Manley and his wife- warm heart and smart Angelina Shin Manley for the fabulous time we had together and for their love for our family and Hoi An. And we know they will come back to Charming Homestay in a soonest day.

Tra Que Vegetable Village- a must to go place when you visit Hoi An

There is a place in Hoi An where I can find myself relaxed the most and always recommend our homestay guests to go there. At this place, farmers from generation to generation for hundred years have grown the wonderful tasty and nice smell vegetable and herbs. The special thing here is local farmers don’t use any chemical for the vegetable. They use alga/ seaweed from the river nearby the village as a fertilizer. Another special thing and also the most important thing is about the land there -It is very fertilized. For the same seeds if you grow at another place what you can get after that is not as sweet, fragrant and tasty like that. Tra Que vegetable is nice of course but for me this is the place where you can feel your life very peaceful.


  • Time:The best time to visit this village is in the early morning at around 6:30am(the earlier the better )and the late afternoon around 05:00pm.
  • How to get there: by bicycles, 2.5km from our homestay. So on the way to go to An Bang beach you will see a signboard named Tra Que Vegetable Village on the right, turn right to the alley and you will easily find it. Distance from the village to An Bang beach: 500 metes.
  • I can take you there for free in my free time and I love to do that.

In our memory

Thank you very much Megan Hardesty & Ryan Matthews from for staying with Charming Hoi An homestay during a one year worldwide travelling and be our friends. We miss the time with you. It was so lovely. Still very impressed with our time visiting to a local house and learn how people make Hoi An lantern, rice wine and grow pigs. And I also miss the interesting chat with you over a coffee about growing up, living, dating and doing business in Viet Nam